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Tallinn stag Do Guide

The Tallinn stag do is a hard-partyer's dream: the clubs stay open as late as 6am and the music (and booze) don't let up! Just a few years ago, no one had ever heard of it, and when tourists started heading over, they were shocked at how beautiful this city really is. Even though Estonia has become a popular hen-and-stag spot, it's still insanely cheap - so your Tallinn stag weekend activities will be cheap, and it's one of the cheapest European destinations for food, drink, accommodation, and fun. There is no bigger bang for your buck than here, and it's so worth visiting for your stag weekend: the whole place oozes contemporary cool, the women of Estonia are famously smoking hot, and the beer flows like water. Try the local brews on our Tallinn stag do, or taste the spicy, lemony, rummy Vana Tallinn, a local liqueur that packs a delicious punch.

About Tallinn

Estonia's capital city is a fascinating mishmash of histories and economies. The medieval Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the New Town still smatters of the Soviet era, and more recent construction has brought a modern European look into the mix. A trade centre for a thousand years, Tallinn is now the leading Baltic city in digital technology, and the harbour is a wildly popular stop for cruise ships touring the Baltic Sea. The city welcomes tourists, and draws visitors from all over Europe, Russia, and Asia.

Flights are regular from London and Manchester with EasyJet and Ryanair and shouldn't set you back more than £35. It takes just under three hours to hop from the UK to Tallinn, so sit back and get ready for some beautiful. Everything you'll want to see and do is easily walk-able, from the Old Town to the modern city centre to the harbour. Old Town is windy and it's easy to get lost, but it's so small that you'll find your way without too much hassle. Tour buses can take you through all the major sights if you're in the mood to be chauffeured, and public transportation is cheap and easy if you want to head a little further out of town.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

The city itself is gorgeous, so take a wander through the cobblestone streets and check out the 13th-century town hall before your Tallinn stag do really takes off. Start off slow with a guided brewery tour and sample Tallinn's finest flavours. If the sight-seeing game isn't for you, then get ready for some serious action. Head out to the shooting gallery to play with the big guns - we're talking Glocks, Magnums, AK 47s - or try mixed target shooting. The standard stag-fare is all available here, like go-karting and quad biking, but for the pure adrenaline junkie, there is so much more - don't just go paintballing, go motor paintballing in an arena; don't go 4x4 off-roading, strap into old Russian cars for a hardcore demolition derby. And all that before we even get to the nightlife. Of course, if you are not sure what to do on your Tallinn stag do weekend, we can help you with a stag weekend packages.

Make this one the night you'll never forget and order a stripper with dinner to get the ball really rolling. All been done before? What about three courses, served on a gorgeous Estonian woman's topless body? Once you've fully satisfied your appetite on your Tallinn stag weekend, it's time to hit the town for a great bar crawl in Old Town until about midnight, when the clubs come to life. Take your pick of fun, cheesy dance halls with friendly local lasses out to dance the night away, and more serious, driven clubbing with the intense partygoers of Tallinn. With VIP entry and a fun local guide on hand to be sure you get everything you want out of the night, this will be the Tallinn stag do of the century!

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