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Prague stag Do Guide

Prague has been one of the most popular spots for stag dos since UK tourists started exploring the East. It's a partier's dream city, but it's also a beautiful medieval town steeped in history and culture. Whatever you and the guys are into, there are loads of activities to stuck into on your stag weekend. All kinds of people visit Prague for the same reason as you, so expect to make some new friends while you explore the cobbled streets of this tantalizing Eastern paradise. The venues range from 5-floor superclubs (Karlovy Lazne) to intimate gothic cellars packed with atmosphere (Double Trouble) - and they're all so close in that you can experience everything in one epic stag night in Prague! 

About Prague

Prague: home of the world's best beers. This is the birthplace of Budweiser, back before it was mainstream. The city of Pilsner is literally next door. Prague itself is gorgeous enough to give Paris a serious run for its money, and people flock here in July for the Bohemia Jazz Festival, the Easter Festival in March and April, and Carnivale in February, and skiing throughout the winter. So anytime is a great time to visit Prague for your stag weekend. 

You can get to Prague from just about any airport in the UK for a nice price. Get the flights far enough in advance and you're looking at no more than £35 each way from Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, or London with EasyJet. Once in the tidy, compact city centre, walking and public transport are your best bets. 24 hours on any form of public transport only costs less than £3, but unless you plan to be out until 5am, public transport will have you stranded after midnight and you might have to splurge on a taxi.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

What started bringing people over in droves was the price of all the fantastic beers! It's gone up a little bit, but you'll still get all you want without breaking the bank on your Prague stag weekend (at the right spot a pint is still only 50p). It's not just the beer that's amazing in Prague, though - get ready for Becherovka, a herbal spirit that is the base of tons of tasty Prague cocktails, and you'll even have access to a stronger version of the Green Fairy than is legal in the UK - too much, though, and you might have a bad night of it, but just enough is a divine experience not to be missed when you are celebrating your Prague stag do!

White water rafting, river booze cruises with or without sexy dancers to entertain you, airsoft shooting, and paintballing are all here for you and your crew to enjoy. You can also spend the day taking in some amazing sight-seeing in the city if your group is too hungover to do anything more intense after to epic stag night out. Hike up the hill to see the view from Prague's castle, and then get the kinks worked out with a luxury Thai massage before you get ready to hit the town again.

Old Town is where the fun happens, and you probably won't need to go any further than that for a night full of dancing, drinking, and full-on stag debauchery. Get the VIP treatment at the hottest nightclubs in Old Town before you head out to one of the many strip clubs Prague has to offer. Finish the epic Prague weekend with your very own private dancer to take care of the stag and make your Prague stag do totally unforgettable! 

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