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Nottingham stag Do Guide

No Nottingham stag do would be complete without letting loose some arrows for target practice, drinking plenty of ale, and sticking it to the sheriff! The stag weekend activities here are perfect for fun-loving guys, but that's not all you can get in Nottingham. It's also got a buzzing nightlife, a ton of gorgeous women, awesome outdoor adventures, and historic pubs perfect for a stag weekend. 

ABOUT Nottingham

Nottingham's economy used to be based on lace making and coal-mining, but those activities have almost entirely disappeared, making way for trendy new hangouts, restaurants, and pubs. The history is still front-and-centre, though, and you can feel it in everything from the monuments to the ghost walks - you can even visit the (allegedly) oldest pub in the country, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, where Crusaders apparently got their beers... Nottingham's independent spirit fits with its Robin Hood heritage, and these days there are lots of artsy, bohemian areas in town. Getting around the centre is easy on foot, and there's a good tram system on hand for that moment when walking gets less attractive.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

Word to the wise: if you don't like Robin Hood, find another stag weekend spot. You've got to embrace it in Nottingham - the city's tourism relies heavily on those legends, and it's going to be pretty much everywhere you go. So enjoy it! Get your picture with the statue of the Hood himself and then go quad-biking, paintballing, or tackle an assault course in Sherwood Forest. Just like Robin Hood probably did on his stag weekend. You can even get some training of knife- and axe-throwing. Or, if you're really in the spirit of things, have a medieval tournament with your mates or hold an archery contest. Losers buy the next round, of course. White water rafting, canoeing, and sailing are all options, too, for more cooperative stag team bonding.

The town centre has plenty of attractions of its own - from here you can enter the largest network of man-made underground caves in the country or tour through the Galleries of Justice to see old courtrooms and prison cells, and to learn about harsh punishments of the past. For more light-hearted diversions, you can head out for a day at the races or take a leisurely afternoon to play 18 holes. Or catch a game of ice hockey at the National Ice Centre and shout for the oldest and most beloved UK team, the Nottingham Panthers.

By night, Nottingham lights up with buzzing pubs and hot nightlife. Start out with a swank casino night to pick up a little extra drink money, then take the boys on an epic bar crawl, led through town by sexy local guides who know where the party's on. Not ready for beers just yet? Exotic table dancers to help work up your thirst. Then it's out for VIP entry into the hottest clubs in town where all the girls go to let loose…

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