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Newcastle stag Do Guide

Arguably, Newcastle has the best nightlife in Britain. Try to prove us wrong. It's not just the cute Geordie girls and that way they talk, or the friendliness of the local culture. It's not just the lively atmosphere and the diverse population - the music everywhere and the football mania and the drink, drink, and more drink just the perfect recipe for a stag weekend. Newcastle is a city for mischievous, unabashed fun. A great place for meeting new friends and catching up with old ones, this cosmopolitan city offers you the best of everything: trendy bars, gorgeous women, great food and drink, and then some more drink. If you are too spoilt for choice, why not go for one of our Newcastle stag party packages?

About Newcastle

Newcastle's had a face-lift in recent years, so it feels hip and contemporary, but the classic architecture is still there to enjoy, and it's lost none of its down-to-earth vibe. The Angel of the North (still one of the most talked-about public art installations ever) marks your entry to the city with her wide wings, and soon you'll be in what is considered by many to be the trendiest city in the UK. Newcastle is also home to Grey Street, which is consistently named as one of the most beautiful streets in the world. The River Tyne is also praised for its beauty, as are the city's many bridges. It's just really awesome, is basically what we're saying.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

Newcastle is a fantastic place to just be yourself and have a laugh. Wander through the old city and check out the bridges and the remains of the Castle Keep from the 13th century. There are Roman ruins, too, for the history buffs of your group, and you can go take in what's left of Hadrian's Wall. Small historical curiosity, anyone? Right over the door of an office building beside St. Nicholas's Church is a statue of a vicious vampire…rabbit. No one knows why it's there or what it means. But it's a famous landmark and kind of hilarious. Grainger Town is really the sexy, old central district of Newcastle. This is where Grey Street is (and also theatres, pubs, and markets).

Laid-back ale tastings along the Quayside too tame for you? Take a party cruise down the river and get your drink on that way (and bring along some painfully sexy dancers for an extra entertaining ride). Ramp it up with some zany outdoors-manship: go off-road in a 4x4 or a buggy, gun go-karts around the track, or pelt each other with so many paintballs that you'll be picking paint out of unexpected places for the next few weeks. There's serious countryside nearby, so you can get out of town and into the wilderness for gorge walks, rafting, trekking, and a taste of sweet freedom.

But it's really at night that Newcastle gets going. There's no pretention, no messing around - just good beer, hot women, great music, and an awesome club scene - whether you're out to dance yourself or to take in some fine scenery while topless dancers show off for you. Get a personalized bar crawl guided by a sexy local, then head down to one of the institutions of Newcastle to get your freak on. Newcastle's down to earth and up for anything, so get ready to live large and go home happy after your Newcastle stag weekend.

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