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stag Disco Dodgeball in London

Perhaps you remember playing it when you were younger, maybe you played it with your stag friends and since you are now all grown up, it is not childish to do it like the good old times. This is one activity that is childishly fun, and the perfect way to start your stag weekend. Since you will be doing it with your age mates and close friends, then it doesn’t matter how childish it is. The game aims at eliminating the opponent by either hitting them with the ball or catching their throw. And since this is not the Olympics, you will have to hit them where it hurts most. Aim for the balls! The winners are the team that eliminates the other team or have the most players left after the alcohol starts calling! Each game is played to different songs, to add some more fun into the mix.

Disco Dodgeball in London

Activity Includes:

  • Dodgeball Session
  • Different Games To Different Songs

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