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Edinburgh stag Do Guide

Heading to Edinburgh for a stag weekend is always a good idea. Simmering right under the surface of this touristy, well-to-do city of mist and monuments is a sexy, feisty energy ready to blow - and you don't have to look very hard to find it. The stag do activities here are awesome - whether you're up for something adrenaline-fuelled or something a little more chill. Behind the gimmicky ghost tours (which are actually pretty fun) and the pipers playing for tourists in the streets (which are also actually pretty fun) is a rich, ripe city full of friendly locals, hot women, amazing sights, and enough drink to take you to blackout level: Inception. You'll always remember forgetting everything when you take off on an Edinburgh stag do. 

About Edinburgh

With a well-established and vibrant cultural scene, an amazing (often gory) history written all over every surface, and a sparkling nightlife fuelled by whiskey and beer, Edinburgh is supremely confident in its own awesomeness. The Royal Mile is both the ultimate tourist trap and the ultimate Edinburgh experience, so unless you have a doctor's note proving that you have acute agoraphobia, there's no avoiding it. The views, the exhibits, the stories - it's all too cool to ignore, so give in to your inner tourist (we all have one) and just have some fun. Who knows if half of what you'll hear in Edinburgh is really true, but you'll have some pretty great tales to tell when you get home. Catch one of the city's many festivals if you can (the famously raucous Edinburgh Fringe is, of course, worth planning into your stag do if you can). Even with the hills, it's easy to get about on foot or by tram - all the places you'll really want to go are pretty close to each other.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions 

It's not all high tea and history in Edinburgh - there's tons to see and do on a stag weekend. The countryside all around is incredibly beautiful, and it's perfect for (you guessed, didn't you?) golf. This is the home of the game, so you really have no excuse not to give the ball a few whacks. You can also learn some of those crazy highland games you've always heard about but never quite believed - definitely something you'll be able to brag about afterward (and forever). There are plenty of places for off-roading, quad-biking, and dune buggy racing - and yes, if you want to try it in a brand new terrain, pretty much any variety of paintball can be found up here. You can even head out for some white-water rafting or take off in a hovercraft - that's if you're not busy beating your mates at a ridiculous game of zorb football.

If we're making a "must" list for Edinburgh, golf is definitely at the top. A prime contender for first place is the inevitable whisky tour, which we know you're only doing for purely educational purposes and not because you have any interest in all the samples, no not a bit of it. Get on a bus. Do the deed. It's a great way to get everyone's head ready for the night to come. Which, when you get to it, is going to be amazing. Edinburgh is a big city for its theatre, so whether you're going to the comedy club or the strip club, expect nothing but the best. After some tasty eats (while we might not recommend traditional Scottish food as anything other than forfeit for anyone who loses a bet, Edinburgh is international enough that you'll be able to find plenty of fantastic menus), your options for bar crawling are all but endless - and with a sexy local guide to take you to the best watering holes, you'll be well on your way to an epic night of drinking, dancing, and losing all those pesky inhibitions. The cherry on top of this sundae is going to be your guest list entry to the best lap dancing clubs in town, guaranteed to take the chill off even the coldest night. So grab the stag by the scruff of his neck and get yourselves to Edinburgh for sport, women, and whisky. What else could you ask for?

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