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Cologne hen Do Guide

With the most bars per capita of all the German cities, Cologne is the next big hotspot for hen do parties in Europe. Although it may not be as big on the tourist scene as Munich or Berlin, this city is full to the brim with great hen weekend activities. German fellas are famously hot, and in Cologne, they serve beer by 200ml servings so you can hop from bar to bar all night and taste all the many varieties they serve without the fear of a headache the following morning! 

About Cologne

Straddling the Rhine River, Cologne was founded as a Roman city in the first century AD. Locals are fiercely proud of their hometown, and they're famous for welcoming visitors (plus most of the younger people speak some English, so you're golden). Spring and summer are mild and sunny, making for great beer garden weather, while fall and winter get cold and icy, and if you're luck enough to be there in late November or December, the Christmas markets and outdoor ice-skating are completely fairytale gorgeous. The Carnival celebrations in February make up the biggest street festival in Europe.

London is your best bet for flying to Cologne. EasyJet and Ryanair will hop you over there for less than £30 (sometimes Ryanair goes all the way down to £9.99). Flights take just over an hour, so you'll hardly be in the air before you're landing in a beautiful city with a cool, welcoming vibe.

It's a walking city, easiest to navigate on foot, but there are easy, regular buses and trams (the "KVB" system) to get you from one end of the city to the other if you want. Taxis are easy to deal with and quite reliable.

Fun, Leisure & Attractions

Cologne has the well-earned reputation of being one of the friendliest cities in Europe, so you're sure to make new friends on your Cologne hen weekend in the epic nightclubs. That's after you've spent the day henning it up with your pals, going karting or paintballing, or kicking back and stretching out for some serious luxury in Cologne's luscious thermal spa. Check out our Cologne hen weekend packages, or you could always, build your own.

There's a giant cathedral in this city, the Koelner Dom, and you really have no excuse not to go look at it, it's the most important feature of the city and a huge tourist draw. And it's pretty amazing, with a spectacular view from the tops of the towers (509 steps to climb to get there, though, so maybe do this one before going out at night!). More than thirty museums and hundreds of galleries can take you from ancient Roman ruins all the way through to contemporary art and design if you're into history and culture, and you can take a sightseeing party cruise along the Rhine River to top off a mellow day and get hen weekend in Cologne started.

You're spoiled for choice if you love beer - and if you don't, the cocktails flow pretty well here, too! Go on a bar crawl guided by a local and taste the best of drinks in the best of venues, then dance it all out in one of the swanky nightclubs, where you can reserve your very own VIP table as a home-base. Nightlife is energetic but it's not crazy - this is more of a city for actually talking to your friends and enjoying each other's company than drinking yourself silly in an overly loud club space, so take advantage of this quality time to tease the hen, dance to silly tunes, and make this one of the good times you'll always remember.

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