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Top 5 Best Places for Stag Dos in Europe

The stag do... One of the most infamous events in any man’s life. It’s the one time your friend can really let loose and go wild; his last weekend of freedom if you will. When it comes to putting on one of the more important events in pre-wedding history, it’s not all about choosing the cheapest European stag do destination – it’s about choosing the best. Continue reading for some of the best places for stag dos in Europe.

1. Benidorm

As one of the most popular destinations in Europe amongst UK residents, it is no wonder that Benidorm is the number one choice for Stag dos. But it’s not all about the clubs and bars that line the promenade… If you are looking for that traditional Spanish experience, the Old Town is the place to be. You’ll find plenty of nifty little stores, cafes and restaurants – there’s even a little beach with a marina! With flights just over 2 hours and 40 minutes, it should come as no surprise that this province of Alicante is so loved by Stag goers of all ages.

Day Activities

On your stag weekend in Benidorm you’ll no doubt want to do something fun, and as you’ve more than likely been here before, you’re going to want to do something unique. Being a seaside resort there is no escaping the coast, so why not embark on a catamaran cruise on the Mediterranean Sea? On the cruise you can expect to do nothing less than lounge out in the sun with the lads, topping up your tans and sipping drinks. But if you’d fancy doing something a little more exotic, how about a jeep safari tour along the mountains and canyons? It’s the perfect opportunity to get to see the real Costa Blanca.

Night Activities

You can’t really enjoy a good stag do in Benidorm without knocking back a few pints, so bar crawls are a must! Whether you just want to head to one or two bars along the strip or complete the night with a happy ending in a lap club, we’ve got you covered. For something a little less traditional, Benidorm’s famous palace show is a sight not to be missed. Expect to see magicians, dances, acrobats and hear some truly amazing live music – it’s like something straight out of Vegas. Talking of Vegas, the Casino Mediterraneo is one of the key aspects that make Benidorm one of the best places in Europe for your stag weekend.

2. Amsterdam

A relaxed city where you can chill with your friends in the day, and party hard at night… Amsterdam is absolutely the Mother of all stag destinations. With everything from amazing architecture and calming canals, to erotic museums and sex shows, this city is the place where anything goes. It won’t be hard to find some cheap flights from any UK airport, and in just 90 minutes you’ll touch down in one of the most liberal locations in Europe.

Day Activities

There are tons of fun things to do in Amsterdam on your stag do, whether you’d prefer to keep things PG or ramp it up with something that is sure to rock your world. On your trip you won’t want to pass up the chance to experience the true Dutch culture, so be sure to stop by one of Amsterdam’s cannabis coffee shops. If you fancy something a little more traditional for a stag do, quad bike riding is your best bet – just make sure you sober up before you hit the track! Want to keep the party going afterwards? Beer bike tours are the ultimate way to ‘learn the history of the city’, while chugging some beers.

Night Activities

Nothing goes hand-in-hand with stag celebrations quite like a good bar crawl, but in Amsterdam you can expect so much more! We’ve all heard the saying ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stay in Vegas’, but the same applies here in the Netherlands and its infamous Red Light District. You’ll find it hard to turn down free entry to an erotic peep show (no pun intended), and why should you? Booze nights here are not your typical night out, so just tag along, relax and enjoy the show… But before all of that excitement, you’re going to want to create a decent lining to soak up all that alcohol lying ahead. And what better way to do that than by devouring a delicious 3 course meal – you can wash it down with (you guessed it!) even more beer.

3. Budapest

Unbeknownst to many, Budapest is actually a city of two sides. If you like brushing up on your history then you’ll want to head to the western side of the city – but if it’s the quirky cafes and antiquities you’re after, head to the eastern side. Another one of the best places for stag weekends in Europe, there are tons of things to do and see in the Hungarian capital. If you’re lucky enough, you may even catch on of the many festivals that go on here.

Day Activities

On your stag do there is more than likely going to be some people that you had to invite (even if it’s simply to keep your other half happy), so you’ll need a way to squash any awkwardness from the get go. The perfect time to do this is while lounging on a river boat as you cruise down the river Danube. With a bar on board and a free welcome drink, you’ll have everything you need to make it an unforgettable afternoon (depending on how drunk you get!). For those of you who fancy something of the non-traditional assortment on your Budapest stag weekend, why not have a go at bobsledding? Whether you opt for 5 slides or 10 slides, you won’t be disappointed.

Night Activities

Ever since the founding of Szimpla Kert (the mecca of all ruin bars), ruin bars have become even more popular. Built in the ruins of abandoned buildings and shops, these bars are perfect for those seeking a unique nightlife experience. Why not head out on a bar crawl and explore the likes of Szimpla Kert, Fogashaz, Mazel Tov etc. Budapest is known for its beautiful women and cheap beers, so why not combine the two with a streak and strip dinner in one of the city’s top restaurants? Sit down and enjoy a succulent steak meal, followed by a saucy strip show… It’s doesn’t get much better than that.

4. Prague

Prague is amongst the most popular destinations in Europe for last nights of freedom, and with flight times of just under hours, it should come as no surprise. Accommodation is pretty darn cheap here too, with 3-star hotels averaging at around £37 – leaving you with plenty of extra cash to splash on your nights out. 

Day Activities

If you were to ask anyone, they would agree that Prague is one of the best places for stag dos in Europe. Perfect for those of you who prefer to walk on the wilder side of life, bunjee jumping is just one of the amazing things to do on your stag do in Europe. This adrenaline-fuelled activity is more than enough to keep you buzzing for the rest of the day; push the boys to the max and determine who has the bigger balls! However, if you prefer more relaxing adventures, why not opt for a Segway your around the city? Prague is a tourist’s dream and with guided tours of its historic streets, you can’t go wrong.

Night Activities

As the ultimate way to start the stag night off in true style, Prague’s party bus tours are fast becoming the most requested activities for last nights of freedom. Simply hop on board and you and the boys will enjoy a tour of the city at night, letting the drinks flow freely. With a topless waitress on board to keep your drinks topped up, you won’t have experienced a bus tour quite like this! If it’s your first time visiting this Czech city, you probably aren’t going to know all the best night life hot spots. With that in mind, hiring a guide is your best bet. Not only will she provide some eye-candy for you and the lads, she’ll also know all the famous bars and pubs to make your night one to remember.

5. Krakow

As the top destination in Poland for stag weekends in Europe, Krakow is known as party central. There are more pubs, club and bars here within minutes of each other, than in any other location in the world. If that isn’t enough to intrigue you then I don’t know what will! For both tourists and party animals, this Polish city has a mix of everything. From its trendy clubs to its historic background, stag dos here are unmissable. 

Day Activities

If you head to Krakow for your stag party, you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid the city’s history. So why not just embrace it? Krakow is home to some of the most infamous sights in the world, including the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Auschwitz to name a few. For those of you who fancy getting a bit more in tune with the past, tours of these tourist attractions aren’t hard to come by. But if you are up for something a bit more traditional on your stag do, how about spending the afternoon with the boys sampling Krakow’s vodkas? Not only is it a great way to break the ice, it’s also a good way to ease into the heavy drinking that awaits the night…

Night Activities

From the more serious to the more erotic, nights out in Krakow are one of a kind. Regardless of your fantasies, Krakow’s strip clubs have something for everyone - with sexy wake ups, lesbian shows and even Roly Polys at your leisure! If you are too spoilt for choice, why not just head to a lap dance club and experience it all? If that’s not exactly your cup of tea, there are plenty of nightclubs dotted around the city. No stag do in Krakow is complete without painting the town, so whether is VIP tables and books you’re after, or just entry, you can guarantee a night of fun.

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