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Hen Weekend Party Games

No hen party is complete without some fun hen party games! We've gathered some of the most entertaining (and some of the naughtiest) games that you can all enjoy. Our list of games will make sure you have fantastic fun on your hen do.

Banned Words

This is an ongoing and fun game to play throughout the weekend. Choose a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the night – make sure you choose words that are hard to avoid! You get to decide how severe the penalty is for breaking the rules, such as doing a shot, paying a fine or doing a dare. It’s a really fun way to keep everyone entertained throughout the night, even if you are having a chilled weekend.

Test The Bride.

Film the groom (or have him film himself) answering specific questions about their relationship. Have him start by asking the question, for example, "Where did we first kiss?" and then answering it. Pause it in between and give the bride a chance to tell her answer to the girls. Restart the video and see how he answered it, the punishment for getting each question wrong is up to you, but traditionally the Hen drinks when she is wrong and the girls drink when she is right.

Lingerie Shower Guessing Game

Before the Hen weekend, let your guests know to bring a gift for the bride, in this case it is lingerie as it is fun and entertaining; it can be anything you choose. Distract the bride while you hang each one around the room. The Bride can then look at each gift and write down who she thinks brought each item. Once she pairs each person to an item, she can read her list and see how many she guessed correctly. Again, her punishment for getting them wrong is most traditionally to drink a shot, but of course it is up to you. (And she gets lots of sexy presents!)

Balloon Questions

This one is a lot of fun, and manages to take care of the decorations too! Write down 20 embarrassing questions and place them in 20 separate balloons. Throughout the night, have guests pop the balloons and make the bride either answer the question or take a shot! Perfect for a giggle over a few drinks – just make sure your party venue is happy with the entire balloon popping!

Guess the Bottom

A cheeky game where the bride to be needs to put a name to the bottom!

Before the Hen weekend, the maid of honour should get photographs of the bottoms of the ushers, best man and groom. Print out the pictures ready for the hen party. At the hen party the bride must guess which bottom belongs to which member of the bridal party! And in true Hen Weekend fashion, of course, those who get them wrong have to take a shot each time.

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