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European Summer festival guide

Festivals are huge, excessive and full of opportunities for brilliant fun, If you come prepared and avoid pitfalls. These tips will help.

Prepare or Fail

I know it’s tempting to travel to a festival with little or no baggage, but in reality you’ll need your must-haves plus a whole lot more. Pack as much as you can, this event isn’t about surviving off the land, it’s about enjoying the acts, and you won’t get to if your distressed, wet, muddy and dehydrated. Some of the must have for a festival weekend are money, dry shampoo, portable phone/camera charger, LED Keychain, waterproof jacket, and oh, just a little bit more money. You are bound to forget some items, and there are so many overpriced traders, just waiting to sell you deodorant for £10. These are just some of the life savers we recommend at a festival, read on for more preparation ideas.

Dress like you know what you’re in for

As the European (especially British) climate isn’t exactly predictable. There is a chance that you will get caught in the largest thunder storm of the year, (yes, in June.) Rain, grass and 10’s of thousands of people aren’t good news for anybody, so come prepared. We are not saying a water proof body suite and an anorak, but we do suggest you find a savvy looking jacket and wellies. And of course a few outfits to avoid looking drowned for 2 days. There is a chance it’s hot, and that’s equally as bad if you’re wearing a huge jumper. Layers seem to work best at festivals, taking them off or putting them on as the weather changes is a great idea.

Ignore the organisers advice and take a car

You will need to pack more than you might need, just to stay comfortable throughout the weekend. And packing for all kinds of extremities means heavy loads, and public transport could exhaust you. Every spare corner of your car will be required to hold your festival kit. And of course you can leave most of it in your car for safe keeping and comfortability while walking around the festival, it just means you’ll need to pack one small bag with your necessary items like your phone and money rather than carrying all your worldly goods and chattels in a backpack for three days. And you can always live in your vehicle if the weather turns soggy. Keep Friends It’s obvious.

Don’t lose your friends!

It is hard to stay connected in huge crowds, so charge your phones, plan places to meet if you do become separated and just simply hold hands if you are moving through crowds. You don’t want to miss you favourite artists because you had to find your best mate. It happens and a lot of the time they are simply waiting at the porta-loo. Talk to your friends before you venture out, set a meeting place and ensure everyone’s phone is charged, this way you are able to meet back up quickly and you won’t miss your favourite act while looking for them.

Chill out

Festivals can be stressful; it is easy to forget you are there to enjoy the artists. Embrace the festival spirit, and go there with a positive attitude. Even if it’s raining, you forgot your portable phone charger and you have lost your friends. Enjoy what you can and forget what you can’t fix. Your life won’t end if you can’t tweet about it. And you still went even if you didn’t record it. Just have fun - It’s what festivals are all about So if you are going to Glasto, Creamfeilds, or any of the other European festivals this year, we hope these tips help you prepare.

And of course, if a festival weekend away is something you would like us to organise for you for a hen/stag weekend, we can help. Use the contact form below to enquire.

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