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5 reasons to love the British summer

The sun can take some getting used to in the UK, winter time is an all year event it seems and so, when the sun finally graces us, it seems difficult to cope. Once we put our makeup in the fridge and top up on hay fever tablets we are good to go! So even if your hen weekend or simply your holiday isn’t abroad this year, it’s okay, here are some of the best reasons why you can still enjoy a British holiday or hen weekend.

  • 1.New Wardrobe

Going shopping is of course a great way to feel, well great. Women love to shop, it’s most definitely retail theory, so of course when the sun comes out and our clothes are no longer light enough, short enough or trendy enough, it is time to shop! But one quick tip, shop online! This heat, plus panicking ladies grabbing the last gorgeous maxi dress it just going to be disastrous, new goodies at your door while you are relaxing in the garden on the other hand sounds great.

  • 2.Reinvent Yourself

Through shopping for new clothes, you begin to feel like a whole new woman, but you really don’t have to stop there. Summer time gives you the excuse to get your hair lightened like you always wanted, or cut short like you’ve been frightened to do all winter, now is the time to take the leap. Think of the selfies, gorgeous new selfies.

  • 3.It’s healthy

The sun provides us with vitamin D; it boosts our immune system, increases metabolism and reduced stress and anxiety. The sun is a natural healer so enjoy it; it’s purifying your body. The sun helps repair your liver too, use this as the perfect excuse to have a drink with the girls on your hen weekend, but remember, drink water too! Dehydrations can really creep up on you when you’re drinking alcohol.

  • 4.You don’t have to go away to get a tan

For those who love to look golden, and even more so those who are planning their hen weekend in the UK, the sun is out and your skin is glowing. Tanning is a beautiful way to revitalize your skin, but remember to took away those straps and be aware of your sun glasses; the dreaded tan lines can make an appearance on your holiday/wedding pictures if you’re not careful.

  • 5.You don’t have to go away to have a great hen/stag weekend

When the sun is out, everyone just has more fun, and of course there is much more to do in the UK too; swimming, picnics, camping etc. The food is better too; there are icy cocktails and you get to wear your favorite dress, without tights or complaints of the cold. Summer is awesome here, once we get over the wasps, the melting makeup and the hay fever …we have it pretty good.

The UK and Ireland are some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Especially when bathed in golden summer light. For help organizing a hen / stag weekend in the UK or Ireland, let us know in the contact form below.

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