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4 Amazingly Embarrassing Activities for a Hen Week

Naughty but nice fun is not always asked for. If you know your best friend would like a night full of eye candy then go for it! Give the bride a saucy surprise with one of these naughty but nice activities on her hen weekend.

Butler in the Buff

Having a meal to start your hen weekend? As the Bridesmaid it is only right you add some spice into the night. Cheeky butlers will add an entertaining and equally embarrassing twist to your party. But a Butler in the Buff at your hen party isn’t just about service with a cheeky smile. There is so much more that they can offer!

Getting your butlers to join in with the hen party games is a fantastic way to get your party started. He can host mini games, or show you some popular hen party games of his own, while of course, showing off his amazing physique!


“Hen nights and male strip shows go together like strawberries and champagne!”

Surprise the bride to be with a stripper and have her secretly thanking you later. Eye candy at a pre wedding celebration is tradition, even if she insists that she doesn’t want one, it’s your job to get one anyway. YOLO, right? It will be embarrassing, but oh so sexy!

And of course you can go all out and hire a limo and have your stripper waiting inside or, more traditionally, have him show up while you are doing something very blasé and innocent. Both work great!

Seduction Lessons

Starting with a fun introductory class to the world of seduction and leading onto hilarious and saucy games, this is a fun way to celebrate the send-off. The class will take place at a local bar or club, the lights will be dimmed, dress up is an option, and a tipple is very much welcomed. Break the ice with cheeky confessions before mastering some new techniques and turn-ons. Throughout the class, even the most experience ladies will learn a thing or two.

Have a giggle with games and put your newfound knowledge to the test with the foreplay quiz before the wedding! Warning: This is not a class for the introverted.

Moulin Rouge Dance class

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, The Moulin Rouge itself is one of the most famous dance shows in the world, so we know you are familiar with the dancing. It would be amazingly embarrassing, but awesomely memorable for you, the bride to be and the girls to learn a sexy Moulin Rouge style dance on the Hen weekend. And who knows, you might even have the courage to show it off at the wedding reception. (Maybe)

You'll learn a professionally choreographed routine from the hit musical, the experience will be hilarious, and the outcome will be sexy. What’s not to love?

If you want us to organise any of the activities above, or if you have some ideas of your own, let us know in the comment field below!

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